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What is a Premium Profile?

After completing BMI Personality Test you will learn what your Personality Type is.

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Your Premium Profile is an extended Personality Type Analysis created by our
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What will be included in my Premium Profile?

The Premium Profile is an easy to read, high-quality digital copy and it is available to you for downloading immediately after purchase.

It consists of five distinct chapters including a detailed analysis of your Personality Type, which covers the most important areas of your life; from romantic relationships to career to friendships, to parenting and more.

A quick look inside Premium Profiles

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Sarah (USA) | Personality Type: Scientist – INTP

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At the end, I felt like I know myself and others better. I can now really improve myself and be more in control. Totally recommend it!”

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Whether you want to understand yourself better, develop better relationships or be happier and more successful in your work, this premium profile has great insights and advice for everyone. Knowing your personality better will help you make better life decisions.”

Stephanie (Australia) | Personality Type: Architect – INTJ